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The Dial a Dog Wash Man Cometh

Brett and Sam have been looking rather scruffy of late, mainly the result of wading into too many muddy pools that they come across during our walks. Whilst Brett particularly enjoys lying down in the thickest mud he can find, Sam has an extra little trick of finding the rotting corpses of birds (and a sheep in one instance) and rolling in them! I know they’re just being dogs but they seem to revel in all this grossness, so I decided it was time they were spruced up a little.

Steve with his van and a couple of customers.

Steve with his van and a couple of customers.

I learned about Steve Donaldson and his Dial a Dog Wash facility from a friend of mine, so I gave him a call and he came round to see us at home this morning. Brett was first to get the clean up treatment and I was fully expecting him to not be too pleased with the experience. However, despite the occasional grumble (especially when Steve trimmed off all the matted fur from between his back legs and his tail), he took it all very well.

Shampoo, sir? :-)

Shampoo, sir? 🙂

After a good blow dry, which he actually began to enjoy after the initial reluctance to have the noisy equipment near him, Brett was transformed into a much cleaner dog. When it came to Sam’s turn I was amazed to see him not make the slightest murmur in protest. Considering that the last time he was examined by the vet he showed him his teeth in a very determined and none too pleasant a fashion, he was the epitomy of good manners with Steve. A testament I think to Steve’s calm but no nonsense way with both my dogs that let them know very quickly that he meant them no harm but merely wanted to clean them up.

It's a load of hot air. :-)

It’s a load of hot air. 🙂

I was so taken aback by Sam’s unexpected but very welcome good behaviour during his wash and dry that I forgot to take any pictures of him at all. So here’s one of them both looking a good deal cleaner, at least until they come across another muddly puddle. 😉

Freshly washed dogs.

Freshly washed dogs.


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