The Wrinkly Rambler

Pleasant walks with camera and three dogs


Brett, Sam, Molly and me

Brett, Sam, Molly and me

Welcome to the occassional ramblings of a wrinkly rambler by the name of Mal Firth. I live in the northwest of the United Kingdom in a little town called Horwich. It’s in an area known as the West Pennine Moors, which makes it an excellent town for me and my three dogs to live. Why? Well I like walking and there’s plenty of that available around here. With all the moors, reservoirs, rivers, woodland and meadows there’s lots to see and plenty of room for my dogs to charge around. I also enjoy photography and that’s a hobby I can indulge on my walks.

By rambling I mean either when my brain is occasionally connected to my typing fingers or when I’m off rambling about the countryside with my camera and dogs in tow. So if you’ve nothing better to do, sit yourself down and ramble through my blog. Let the navigation bars be your guide, and don’t forget to come back often just in case I’ve done some more rambling since your last visit.

And if you like what you read, or otherwise, don’t forget to leave a comment or two.


2 comments on “Welcome

  1. knace
    September 18, 2013

    Hi Mal. I’m Kristen. I live in the US and today I was sitting here on the sofa with my border collie/lab mix Blossom feeling a little blah and tired of just all the nonsense and noise on TV etc. etc. and just on a whim put Border Collie as a topic in WordPress and found your lovely blog.
    I actually lived in Knaresborough up in N.Yorkshire back in the late 90s and fell in love with your beautiful country- especially the landscape of northern England. We lived on the edge of town and I remember on warm nights opening the windows and listening to the sheep on the hill opposite our street. A happy memory! =) I hope someday I can return and go on all those walks I wanted to take at the time, (my son was a toddler, we didn’t do too much hiking. ) In the meantime I will take walks with you and your wonderful dogs!

    • Mal Firth
      September 18, 2013

      Hi Kristen – Nice to meet you, and thanks for your kind comments about my blog. I’ve been to Knaresborough a few times; it is a lovely town so I hope you get an opportuniy to come back to see even more. Brett, Molly and Sam send their regards and a woof to your collie. 😉

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