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Pleasant walks with camera and three dogs

Contact Me

You can leave a message for me here rather than leave it in the comment section of the various posts. Please leave an email address if you want me to get back to you.


2 comments on “Contact Me

  1. jakeofwinterhill
    December 4, 2013

    Hi its me jake ,
    great to see your new site ,

    • Mal Firth
      December 5, 2013

      Hi Jake, Nice to hear from you again. I’ve had to suspend my old web site because it’s been hacked twice. The first time all the articles and pictures were removed and replaced by the hacker’s page. Fortunately I had backed up the text files and was able to put them back, but then had to individually replace all the images. More recently it was hacked again, and this time the hacker apparently tried to use the URL to electronically break into a bank in America. The banks lawyers contacted my ISP and told him the site must be suspended or closed immediately, so I decided to get this WordPress site. Glad you like it.

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