The Wrinkly Rambler

Pleasant walks with camera and three dogs

My Dogs

My life is enriched by the company of three Border Collies; they are energetic beyond measure, inquisitive, friendly, and never tire of being in the great outdoors. I got them at different times and under different circumstances, and they each have their own individual personalities.

L to R: Brett, Sam and Molly.

L to R: Brett, Sam and Molly.

SamI got Sam in July 2005 when he was nine weeks old, having decided I would like to have a dog to accompany me on my walks. He has grown up to be a very self confident dog who is people friendly and dog friendly. He really enjoys meeting people, including children, and is a master at training them to throw sticks for him. When he’s not chasing sticks or eating he likes to chill out at the top of the stairs, master of all he surveys.

BrettI got Brett in July 2006 when he was 14 months old, under quite funny but unintended circumstance. I took a friend to Manchester Dogs Home because she had expressed an interest in having a dog of her own after meeting Sam on many occasions when she came out walking with us, and then later having us at her home for a meal. In the event she didn’t get a dog from Manchester Dogs Home, but in the process of taking her around we came upon Brett in one of the enclosures and I immediately decided I woud like to own him. After introducing him to Sam to make sure they would be alright together, and there was instant rapport between them, he came home with us. He is “Mr Enthusiasm” when it comes to playing, and there’s nothing he likes better than collecting sticks (he’s had as many as five in his mouth at once).

MollyMolly joined us in December 2011 when she was one year old, again under unusual circumstances. I was out with Sam and Brett on one of our local walks when I met a fellow dog owner who lives near me, and she asked me if I would like another Border Collie. It seemed that a friend of hers had bought a puppy for his wife and daughter just after Christmas 2010 but had quickly discoved that puppies soon grow up, and in the case of Border Collies need a lot of physical and mental exercise that they were unable to provide. By the time she was one year old she was getting difficult to control, so they decided it would be best to give her to someone who could provide what she needed. So, after introducing her to Sam and Brett, again to ensure compatability, she came to live with us. She is a little on the small side for a collie, and a bit timid when meeting people or dogs for the first time, but she is quick on the uptake and soon makes friends. Like Sam and Brett she enjoys our walks, and has rapidly become more adventurous as she has got older.


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